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Friday, October 24, 2008

Number Nuisance

I received an email from a bride who had a problem..., seating arrangements! It is hard enough to go through your list of attendees and fit them all where everyone will get along, etc. Between family feuds and co-workers vs. childhood friends, where should everyone sit?

But one thing she wondered... is it insulting to your guests that are sitting in the last numbered table? (Usually the one nearest the band or the kitchen!!!)

I admit, I always feel a little "less than special" when I am at "table number 14."

Check out some of these pretty and creative ways you can number your table, from But then check out my winner idea from her site as well! She assigns each table a name. (Hey, did she get this idea from me?)

In this case it is a type of shell (for a beachy wedding.) Then you can either make a sign for each table with that name, or fill a vase with that type of shell to distinguish one table from another.

I got married on Block Island, Rhode Island in 2001. I named each table using names of locations or attractions on the island. ie: The Southeast Lighthouse; The Great Salt Pond; The New Harbor, etc. I then attached the seating cards to our favors (which were jars of local honey) and set them out on display as people entered the reception.

No one feels left out that way!

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Vanilla Bean Organic Bake Shop said...

Hi Kelley! Thanks for checking out my blog! I love cupcakes towers instead of traditional cakes! They are so fun and everyone loves cupcakes! I am not a big fan of traditional wedding cake myself (neither is my husband) so for our wedding we did a strawberry shortcake. It was 4 tiers of delicious pound cake layered with strawberries and fresh whipped cream! 2-1/2 years later I still have guests tell me it was the best wedding cake they have ever eaten!

Kelley Lewis Venturo said...

OOOhhhh,Cupcake tower sounds yummy! And pretty too!

The strawberry shortcake wedding cake sounds heavenly! Did you do it yourself? Do you have any photos of it?

I wanted something different for my wedding too, so I had a three tier chocolate (with rasberries) and chocolate frosting with white trim. And a friend made our cake topper, which made it extra special!

megan said...

This is a good idea, i love the different shells.
I toyed with the idea of assigned seating for a minute. Since mine was a destination wedding I was going to use luggage tags for people's name and table #, that way it could also be their wedding favor as well!

Kelley at My Island Wedding said...

Love the idea of the Luggage Tags! Did you end up doing that?

megan said...

no, i ended up scrapping the table number idea as the wedding was just close friends and family and no one had a problem inter-mingling.
Plus I found an even more awesome wedding favor to use. So I didn't feel too bad about abandoning my good idea. :)

Kelley at My Island Wedding said...

It's nice to have people sit where they want. No stress!!!

An Atlanta Bride said...

LOVE the varying seashells for the seating card table! That Martha!!

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