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Monday, May 11, 2009

weddings unveiled

Doesn't this look absolutely fabulous? Like it should be in a magazine! Wait, it was in a magazine!

Like a party I wish I was invited to! You can tell it had some PERSONALITY to it! That's what every wedding needs. Your own stamp on it. Nice job Paola and Jeremy.

Kind of a "Rustic Elegance", don't you think?

via Weddings Unveiled Magazine

"Real Wedding ~ Paola and Jeremy

Though we usually post real weddings on Wednesdays, we thought we'd start a bit early this week. Since today is Cinco de Mayo, we'd love to share the gorgeous wedding of Paola and Jeremy in Mexico City, Mexico, sent to us by amazing photographer, KT Merry. Needless to say, the trays of sangria and Coronitas with limes have us longing for a getaway, or at the very least, a nice little afternoon cocktail. In addition to culturally-inspired food & beverages, this wedding embraced Mexico's rodeo tradition, featuring bull riding (mechanical of course!) during the reception. We also love KT's images of the saddles, the horses and the bride and groom in the stables. Don't miss the brightly colored pashmina favors! Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Photography: KT Merry."


g. said...

The bull riding is too fun! I love these!

AmyJean said...

What a great wedding!

PS. Kelley, i'm not ignoring you, just been little busy, but i'll try to enter the contest :) I've been thinking all weekend about a creative theme :)

La Marquise des anges said...

what a gorgeous couple ... thank you so much for sharing :)

I do work on the contest too byt i have many things to deal with in the same time :( I promess I will do my best ... can't stop thinking of it :)

Kelley at My Island Wedding said...

No pressure ladies! I don't want to sound like a nag!!! Contest ends May 18th, one week from today.

Bridechka said...

So gorgeous!

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