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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

brooklyn limestone

MrsLimestone over at Brooklyn Limestone has been kind enough to offer her expertise in re-decorating my icky living room. She wants before pics though..., do I have to move the piles of toys? It might take a while!!!

(Isn't her kitchen beautiful???)

This is how I described my space:

"Here is the most pressing dilemma... (trust me, there are more!!!)... but my front door opens right up to my living room (which is the size of a medium foyer!!!).

We have done nothing to this room since we moved in ALMOST 5 YEARS AGO!!! The moldings and closet door are a reddish brown stain (ick) and the paint is a yellowish cream. The large windows are south facing so it's quite bright during the day. We have dark chocolate brown sofa and loveseat and a silly large (old) black TV. That's about all that will fit in this room! (not including a coffee table and two toddler chairs, just for fun.)

There is a beige wall to wall carpet in there and the stairs leading up to the second floor are right there in plain sight (also in that reddish stain!). I like the curtains which are a "dusty blue" color, almost grey... which I think looks nice with the sofas.

Otherwise, everything is awful! If you have any suggestions on paint color perhaps? I also have a silly amount of my children's photos on the walls. Not particularly stylish, but..., alas!!!

I live in a small (cottage like) house on Long Island, which is on the Northeast Coast of NY. I like seaside/farmhouse... whatever!" (blah, blah, blah...)

I can't wait to see what she comes up with!

On another note:

How much do you think this file cabinet from Pottery Barn usually goes for?

Well, I picked up one yesterday at their Outlet Store in Riverhead, NY for $29.97.

I'm not kidding...

Bedford 2-Drawer File Cabinet
$279.00 SPECIAL $249.00 ($25.00 shipping*)

I just had to share one of the best bargains ever!


Mrs. Limestone said...

No need to move the piles of toys...I just want to get a sense of the space. If anything, the piles of toys will make a more stunning before and after :)

Nicole-Lynn said...

Beautiful Kitchen! Great find on the filing cabinets!

Kelley at My Island Wedding said...

Too late! The piles of toys are moved (temporarily) into the kitchen... where I'm also trying to organize!!!!

Brunch at Saks said...

Gorgeous kitchen! Excited to see the end result of your space! :) XOXO

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