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Thursday, June 18, 2009

how important is the cake to you?

You have seen with the pixie grin here before,... and you may recognize her cake topper displayed proudly here...

(and how lovely it was...)

however, my question to you is:

which is more important?



your thoughts, your answers.

(meanwhile, i don't care where your cake came from, it still looks to die for! - hope it was all you wanted it to be and more!)


Bridechka said...

Definitely taste! All the way! Who wants something pretty to look at when you can be filling your face with frosting?? I mean come on! Not even a question :)

Jenny.Lee said...

We completely nixed a wedding cake and had a pie buffet instead. I live for pumpkin pie especially in the fall. They were delish and a complete hit! (However if we had gone with cake...taste would have been most important!)

Kelley at My Island Wedding said...

I'm all about taste! Mine actually came out a bit "messy" looking..., but I loved it (Chocolate with raspberry filling).

I could hear people whispering about how good it was extra so people kept coming back for more!

A friend made my cake topper for me and I used my Great Grandmother's Silver Cake knife. These are the kind of things that are special and memorable!

Mmmm. Pumpkin Pie is my favorite!

Krista said...

being someone who loves food, taste is more important but if the look of the wedding is super important than the look wins out!

Nicole-Lynn said...

When it is my time... I really cant justify spending a lot on cake, it is not that important to us. I'll probably do something really simple and one that doesn't cost a fortune.

Brenn said...

I could care less about having a big old wedding cake which is why I'm planning on a dessert spread and throwing in some of my favorites like strawberry shortcake, strawberry cake mix cupcakes, donuts, etc. That being said definitely taste over looks.

Happy Dash said...

I never thought the cake mattered, but I wanted it to fit the idea I had in mind and my husband wanted it to taste good. We both won as our cake was delicious and everything I wanted it to be ... it was my favorite detail of the entire wedding!

Jen said...

i didn't really care about the cake and had actually wanted a cake buffet, but then we found a cake baker on craigslist who was affordable, a master sculptor in her previous life, and came from a family of cake bakers. i was sold the moment we tasted. we have two flavors, one with chocolate ganache and the other with a raspberry filling.

Misha said...

I'm interning as a wedding planner this summer and luckily I've had a chance to try some of these cakes...Mmm..Tres Magnifique! There was a super gorgeous Sylvia Weinstock at a wedding recently that was both breathtaking and yummy!!! :)


sera said...

How it tastes. Honestly, I've been to a lot of weddings, and I can't think of one time where I've actually looked at the cake before having my slice. But I have noticed when I've eaten half of a shortening heavy, tired old cake. I'd rather eat a slice of mess if it tastes like heaven than stick my fork in a perfect slice of plastic any day.

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