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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Your Thoughts - Wedding Organizers

OK, I am in the process of designing the "Perfect"; "Ultimate"; "Complete"... Wedding Organizer. Don't they ALL claim to be these things? They turn out to be pretty, but kind of impractical, flimsy, and not really perfect, ultimate or complete.

Lot's of photographs, pink pages, and cardboard!!!

We all get/got our photos from the gazillions of wedding magazines we buy/bought, right? Do we really need more in our organizer? No.

Would your fiance be caught dead carrying it? No.

Could we ever really use it again in our after married lives? No.

Please leave a comment here with any of the functions you DO like in your Wedding Organizer, and those that you DO NOT. This is for research purposes people! Be honest!!! And thank you in advance.

My Island Wedding Organizers to be available in 2009.


Anonymous said...

i bought a frilly 'planner' about 3 hours after we got engaged. a few months in i trashed it and created my own. the important elements to me would be dividers taht you can personalize, at least a 3 inch biner, and lots of lists, calendars, definitions, budget templates, etc. honestly, the pictures are nice but kinda worthless...just my .02.

:) xoxo

Bridechka said...

They never have enough storage space! All of the loose papers come flying out of the folders inside the binder at every turn. And they are so bulky cause of all the cardboard and pictures that you can't actually take them anywhere!

Can't wait to see your finished product :)

Kelly B said...

I like: the calendars/timelines provided, lists of things to do/ask each vendor, dividers and storage space.

I don't like: the tons of pictures that I didn't choose.

I was given one, but I didn't use it because it was SO big and bulky. I looked through it and that's all that I got out of it. I created an accordian folder with my own labels and added what I needed, as well as a timeline from one of the many wedding mags I bought.

Good luck with these! I'm sure these will be more useful/helpful than what's out there :)

Amanda said...

I love ones that come with a little 3 hole punch inside so you can add last minute items easily. Other than that, tabs, photos, and definitely some blank pages to jot down notes.

Best of luck, and I can't wait to see yours when it's finished!

shelley said...

I always thought wedding organizers were more like scrapbooks, to be used for dreaming and processing thoughts. I like the idea of a removable folder at the back of each section for documents and invoices etc. Organized and easy access will make it more user friendly for your fiance too. xxx

Kelley at My Island Wedding said...

A combination of functionality and memory keeping.

I agree ladies! Thanks for the comments.

The organizer I am working on is on the utilitarian side with a simple look.

There are some details I need to complete with some manufacturers to keep costs down..., wish me luck!

Still shooting for the My Island Wedding Organizer to be available in 2009!

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